For when you are drinking the cheap and nasty, but want to look fab and fancy.


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We all know the struggles of drinking on a budget, but here are some easy and quick cocktail recipes to look like you’re ballin’ on a budget.

The ‘Reliving my Teenage Years of Drinking in a Park’

30mLs of white goon (preferably a pinot blanc but fruity lexia can also work)

60mLs of Solo

15mLs of sugar syrup

3 chunks of lime

3 lemon wedges

Add ice to tumbler or Collins glass

Prepare mixing glass

Add 3 chunks of lime and 3 lemon wedges to glass

Add 15mLs of sugar syrup

Gently muddle lime and lemon

Add ice to glass

Pour 30 mLs of white goon

Pour 60 mLs of solo

Cap and shake

Strain over fresh ice

Garnish with lemon wedge

The ‘Passionate Kiss on the NightRider home from Bar Century with Dan who looks hot now but probably won’t be hot when I facebook stalk him tomorrow morning’

30mLs of Passion Pop

60mLs of Passiona


Orange wedge (for garnish)

Fill champagne flute with ice

Gently pour 30mls of Passion Pop over the ice

Pour 60mLs of Passiona over ice

Add passionfruit to the mix and gently stir to mix

Garnish with orange wedge

The ‘omg I can totes instagram this looks so pritts like a rainbow omg who unfollowed me #sad’

30mLs of Midori (or cheap liquor store equivalent of melon liqueur)

30mLs of Paraiso (or cheap liquor store equivalent of lychee liqueur)

Orange juice

Cranberry juice


Fill Collins glass with ice

Pour 30mLs of Midori over ice

Pour 30mLs of Paraiso over ice

Simultaneously pour orange juice and cranberry juice into the glass.

Garnish with lychee

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