A Guide to Surviving Your First Year in College


Brilliant tips for new all new students!

As i start my second year of college i have found myself reflecting upon my experiences last year. Thinking back to my initial ideas of what college life what would consist of, I can honestly say it hasn’t quite been what I expected it to be. As a Leaving Cert student my newsfeed would be constantly filled with bright and colourful pictures of past school pupils out drinking every night, living college life like it was one big glamorous party. With college essentially starting with fresher’s week or in the case of some universities fresher’s fortnight it’s easy to see how first year students may get sucked into this idea, forgetting why they have really come to college, as fresher’s is basically a week of partying and socialising. However when reality sets in and believe me it will, you need to be ready to hit the ground running. To prepare…

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