Freebies and Savings every Broke-Ass Student should try



Reward cards – Okay so most of us don’t give a f*** about earning points on rewards cards because we know it’ll take 127 years of scanning it to even get anything BUT woolies reward cards have now begun offering member rewards and discounts. Hundreds of products are being discounted but only for reward card members. The peanut butter I normally buy is $4.20 but if I’d had a rewards card it would’ve been $2.70, you might say that’s only a saving of $1.50 but every little bit counts when you’re a Broke-Ass Student. Plus if I buy that peanut butter every fortnight (No judgement – I like peanut butter okay) I could save myself $39 a year just for swiping my card at the check out.

Birthday gifts from websites – I know you probably use your shitty email from year 8 when having to subscribe to websites or when online shopping so that all the junk mail goes there BUT subscribing to an organisations mailing list can go a long way, especially as they LOVE sending you free things and discounts for your birthday! Take a look at the list below for some good birthday freebies. Start your day at Starbucks, grab a muffin from Muffin Break, play a free game bowling then head to Salsas for a free burrito and then get some free ice-cream afterwards – Free birthdays don’t get much better.


Ali Baba Free birthday kebab (collect card instore)
Baskin Robbins Free scoop of ice cream valid up to around a week after your birthday
Boost Juice Free Boost Juice for Vibe club members (Valid from 2 days before thru 2 days after bday)
Chatime Free drink, membership card costs 50c
Cheesecake Shop $5 off any cake (Join more than 4 weeks before your birthday or must wait till next year)
Cold Rock Free kids sized ice cream with 1 mix-in
Gloria Jeans Free drink
Hard Rock Cafe Free birthday dessert with an entrée purchase
Jamaica Blue Free slice of cake
Muffin Break Free Muffin in the month of your birthday (need to pick up card at store)
Nando’s Free meal from 7 days before to 7 days after birthday (collect card in store or download the app) – Must have made transaction within previous 6 months (from 01/10/14)
Noodle Box $10 loaded onto card no min spend
Passionflower Free birthday dessert (collect card instore)
Salsas Free burrito from 2 days before to 2 days after birthday (need to pick up card at store)
San Churro Free churros for two from 1 day before to 1 day after birthday
Subway Free 6-inch sub and coke/water valid during week of birthbay
Sumo Salad Free salad (Valid for 7 days from birthday)
Urban Burger BOGOF on birthday
Vapiano Free meal (pasta/pizza/salad/antipasti) valid for one week from your birthday


AMF Bowling One free game of bowling. Valid for one month from your birthday
ASOS 10% off promo code for the month of your birthday
Co-op Bookshop Coupon code for $5 off your next purchase. Either in-store or online
Crossroads $10/$15? birthday voucher no min spend
Huggies Free 8×12 (20x30cm) photo on your child’s birthday
Intencity Free $10 worth of ticket redemption games
Jeanswest $10 birthday voucher no min spend
Katies $20 birthday voucher no min spend
kikki.K Free $10 gift voucher, no min. spend, need to register
Mimco $30 Gift Voucher when you sign up to MIMcollective(valid for 1 month)
Myer $10 voucher for silver members, $20 voucher for gold members
Priceline $5 voucher. Print voucher to redeem in-store
Rockmans 20% off all purchases.
Saba $25 birthday voucher no min spend
Sportscraft $25 birthday voucher no min spend
Spotlight 10% off on birthday
Ted’s Cameras $20 off when you spend $40 or more in store.
Witchery $20 Gift Voucher (valid for 1 month)

Attend focus groups and market research surveys – We’ve all seen those A4 paper advertisements on the back of the uni toilets asking you to join in on some kind of obscure research for a little bit of $$. Next time take a closer look (maybe even grab the tab with the number to contact) because some of these are willing to give you $50 for just an hour of your time and in this time you might just be pressing a couple of buttons, answering a couple of questions. You might even be given some food. Sounds like easy money to us!

Head to I Love Free Stuff to find more freebies:


One thought on “Freebies and Savings every Broke-Ass Student should try

  1. Some excellent tips for independent women, doing it for themselves! Students can often be forced into a kind of hibernation that forces them to avoid any activities that require money… not only are you pointing out some nifty ways to save and enjoy a social life, but you are giving us a good laugh along the way! I’d love to see some tips especially for girls, and keep it equal with some tips just for boys! Moving out of home is an exciting time, but we need to remember to look after ourselves, and how to do it without breaking the bank! R x


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